Monday, 3 March 2014

Take That - Day Four - Greatest Day

Day Four of My Week with Take That, and today its Greatest Day. Taken from their album, Circus, this single was released in November 2008. This gave Take That another number one in the UK charts.

Better than that, this was their 11th number one single! Very impressive. This is another one penned in the main by Gary Barlow, with Gary once again on lead vocals. However, on the album Circus, the band are credited with the song.

Once again on this song, Take That are a foursome. The video is very lovely, if simple. The four of them on a roof top (looks like LA) whilst lights twist and sparkle around them. Its gorgeous and fits beautifully with the simple perfection of the song, and is as upbeat and positive.

This is an anthem of a song. It kicks in with "Today this could be, the greatest day of our lives". Now what better start than that could there be? This is such an inspiring song. Today could be the greatest day of your life, it could also be the worst, but lets remain positive - this is Take That of course.

When Gary continues reaching the pinnacle "The world comes alive", its like the climax has been reached. You can't help but stretch out your arms and feel it. If only life could always be this good!

This is the boys after getting back together, their second album since the reform and by god its a great album. I hadn't realised until I came to listen to it, picking out this single as my Day Four choice.

I've said it before, but Take That truly are pop-perfection. This is another great song from then. Go have a listen and enjoy. If you want more of the boys, or more of My previous choices check out My Music page here. Happy listening. :)

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