Thursday, 6 March 2014

Take That - Day Seven - Never Forget

Its my final day, Day Seven, of My Week with Take That. I thought it would be quite fitting to make my final choice of the week the song Never Forget.

Released in 1995, this single was taken from the album Nobody Else. Unsurprisingly, this one reached number one in the UK charts. The song marked the departure of Robbie Williams. Quite apt really when you think about it.

This is another of Gary Barlow's creations, but its actually got Howard and Robbie featuring on vocals (well in the original version anyway). This was their seventh number one single.

This is probably one of the easiest of their singles to recognise instantly as it's quite operatic. It really does set up as a dramatic anthem, and it doesn't disappoint one bit. For some reason though this one makes me feel a bit emotional. I'm not sure why as it's not a sad song, but it really does get to me.

The video is unusual on this one, and again, makes me a little sentimental. Its basically a collection of footage of the boys in various silly poses, or when they were kids - including one shot of Howard in a bra amongst many others. Its quite sweet to watch them and see how young they look, but in turn that does make you realise that we are all getting older. Sad but true.

I love the line "never forget where you've come here from". Then "someday soon this will all be someone else's dream". That really does make you stop and give pause doesn't it?

This is such a great song, and so thought provoking yet still a true pop song. Only Take That have this particular set of skills. Absolute classic. Go and listen to this, and remember that life is short so take the time to appreciate it - someday all this will be someone else's dream.

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