Monday, 31 March 2014

Tales from a Driving Lesson

Over at they are running a little comp for a £50 Nando's voucher, in return for tales from driving lessons and driving tests. Here is mine:

I was on my third driving lesson, and the instructor was taking me up a road I had not driven up before. I knew the road well - it was steep and winding, and you had to keep in third gear and keep the revs up.

Half way up, there was a crow eating road kill straight in my path. I tried to slow, but with dual controls the instructor pumped the accelerator. I tried to veer around it, but the instructor was having none of it.

With no choice, I aimed the wheels so they wouldn't hit the crow but would go either side of it. Unfortunately, the crow took off as I was passing it, and hit the underside of the car. I don't know if it was ok or not - the instructor wouldn't let me look, and there was no way he was letting me stop.

I was shrieking "Oh my god the crow", when I glanced in the rear view mirror and there it was, still eating the road kill!! It clearly was unperturbed by its adventure and had not let it put it off its meal, despite it nearly joining it! I on the other hand was not ok, and was traumatised!!

My instructor was great though and I probably wouldn't have got behind the wheel again had he not been so calm! Happy to say I passed my test, but I will never forget that crow! x

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