Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Trying to Budget

I have decided to sit down and work out just where my money is going each month. It's quite scary when you sit down and really analyse your spending.

It's become very clear to me that I need to make some savings. I am spending far too much and its eating into my pay packet far too much.

So now that I have worked out where it's all going, its time to make some difficult decisions. I need to set a realistic, affordable budget, that I will stick to. I also need to make a plan of what is and isn't a priority to pay. It's just hard trying to work out what I can actually live on.

I want to have more money at the end of each month, than I had at the end of the month before. Sounds simple. So now to set my budget. What is a sensible amount to budget for shopping for 2 adults and an 8 year old 3 days per week? It's just so hard.

My logical mind thinks its as easy as writing it down. My analytical mind thinks charts and graphs are the way. That's not the solution though. Clearly, from my findings, its the emotional element that will be the challenge. The side of me that makes me impulse buy and behave recklessly with my pennies. The side that decides to have a cupcake minutes after promising to give them up and diet.

The emotional side of me tries to tempt me by saying things like "you work hard, you deserve that" whatever that is at that point. How can you reason with that kind of logic?

I am trying to budget, but its a real uphill battle. Does anyone have any good tips on where to start? I'm sure it can't just be me struggling to get straight in the financial battle field. :)

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