Thursday, 13 March 2014

Weight Loss - My Progress so far

Looking back to the 1st January this year, I set myself a goal as my New Years Resolution. That goal was to lose weight. The weight in question being the weight I had gained in July on holiday, followed by the weight I gained moving house in September and the following month, then the additional Christmas pounds.

My NY goal was to lose what I had gained. That equated to and a half stone. Additionally, I wanted to lose an extra half stone, 3 stone in total.

As of today, 13th March, I have so far managed to lose 1 stone and 6 pounds since 1st Jan. That's 20 pounds of fat. To reach my pre-gain weight, I have to lose a further 1 stone and 1 pound. Then half a stone extra. That's 1 stone and 8 pounds or 21 pound to go.

One more pound and I'm half way there. It seemed a very long way down back in January but already, I am half way to my goal. Suddenly the hard work seems worth it.

GOAL = 3 stone (42lb)
LOSS = 1 stone 6 lb (20lb)
TO LOSE = 1 stone 8lb (21lb)

I will keep you updated on my progress but it sure ain't easy that is for sure! :)

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