Friday, 4 April 2014

Day Five of My Week with Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

Day five of my Week with Kings of Leon and today its Use Somebody. Released in 2008, this was taken from the album Only By The Night.

Only by the Night was also released in 2008, and was the bands' fourth studio album. Use Somebody was the second single from it. Use Somebody reached number 2 in the UK single chart, but it should have been number 1 - its a great track.

This single really bought KOL to the masses. You would have struggled not to hear it at the time, and its stood the test, still getting played loads. This is because it is a classic.

Think guitars, drums and Caleb as always fantastic gravelly sexy vocals. This song won the band awards and its worthy of that. Its quite slow paced, and quite simple and understated. Its not Sex on Fire, its a more sedate, but much more emotional and beautiful rock song.

The video is simple but effective. The band feature, again post make-over haircuts and image, in various settings. In a bar playing pool, just hanging out in an apartment, then on stage playing to a big crowd. The video also has footage of the city at night - cars, bright lights, neon. Then it flashes to black and white and its just them playing their music. Lots of close ups of Caleb singing. Slightly random clips of one of them in the shower, and one doing push ups.

The words are lovely, but again its hard to get what they are about. My guess? Its about love, or lust. "You know that I could use somebody" sounds incredibly sexy here, and is also extremely catchy. "Someone like you" and you find yourself joining in with the "woah woahs" backing vocals. Perfect.

I love the way this track ends. It powers through, with its gorgeous guitars and drums and vocals, but it doesn't linger. Some songs go on and on and on with the instrumental at the end. Not this one. Caleb sings "i've been roaming around, always looking down at all I see". And it ends. Beautiful.

This is how rock songs should be done. Kings of Leon at their best. Go and have a listen, or check out My Music page here for other bands, songs or for more of this great group. Let me know what you think. Happy listening :)

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