Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Day Seven of My Week with Kings of Leon - Wait For Me

Its Day Seven of My Week with the Kings of Leon, and the last day's selection is the single Wait for Me. This single was released in August 2013 and was taken from their album Mechanical Bull.

Wait for Me was the second single from the album, their sixth studio album, and the single reached number 31 in the UK charts. The first of course being Supersoaker which I reviewed on Day Four. The album was also released in 2013.

This is quite a slow paced song, but its full of raw feeling. Its guitars and drums, and Caleb's beautiful grit filled voice. As with most of their songs, its the 4 Followills that wrote and composed this track.

Straight away you can tell its the Kings. They are a rock band, but their particular sound stands out from the rest. Its subdued but powerful this song.

I actually couldn't find an official video for this song, so nothing more to add on that at this point.

The lyrics pull at your heartstrings on this. It opens with "gonna open my heart, right at the scars, listen up". It continues "I tried all the way, wait for me.... it's all better now". It sounds forlorn and heartbroken. Unlike other Kings songs, this one seems to have a clear meaning.

All in all, this is a beautiful more ballad like rock song, and much gentler than previous days choices. I have enjoyed my seven days with the Kings of Leon, and will be considering my seven choices and which was my favourite shortly. For more of My Music check out my page here. Happy listening :)

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