Monday, 7 April 2014

Day Six of My Week with Kings of Leon - Radioactive

Right then, Day Six of My Week with Kings of Leon and today its the single Radioactive. It was released in 2008 and was taken from their album Come Around Sundown.

Radioactive was the first single released from the album which was released the same year. Come Around Sundown was Kings of Leon's fifth studio album, and also featured the single Pyro which was another of my choices this week!!

Radioactive peaked on number 7 on the UK chart, but its one of those that stayed around and still gets airplay now. Make no mistake this is a fantastic song, and well deserving of the top ten spot.

Its all about the vocals this one, and it makes you feel good - it has that kind of vibe. It helps that it features a kids gospel choir - it makes it stand out.  Its a touch heading towards cheesy, especially the video - more on that in a moment!!

However, Caleb's vocals are awesome on this. He belts out "It's in the water, it's where you came from" and it sounds fabulous. I think its supposed be semi-religious, or some sort of reference to where they're from, or maybe from where we all from? Who knows. Stumped again with these boys!! Sounds great though!!

Which brings me onto the video. I will start of by saying its filmed in a hazy style, I think the correct term is sepia - you know the hazy brown tinted type. Kids are playing, and there is a summer party. There is a lot of fun going on - cycling, fishing, eating. However, its a little odd. You have the Kings of Leon - 4 white guys, and no other white people. A gospel choir of children, racing round in their uniforms, singing, dancing, clapping. It's a bit strange, and I'm not delving any further into the rationale of this one. I'm not sure of the meaning, not sure I want to know. Perplexing and I will leave it there for you to make your own mind up I think! Odd.

Back to the music. Great sound, great vocals, stunning instrumental - fab song. Not sure what it means, and personally, I would give the video a swerve, but each to their own. Kings of Leon it appears are a bit unfathomable. I never gave this much thought before this week, and its been a revelation - I have loved some of their songs without ever thinking what the heck they were about. I'm not sure it makes all that much difference, but it would be good to understand just for interest. Have a listen and let me know.

If you want more of this mysterious band, checkout My Music page here. Or if you fancy checking out some other groups, singles of the weeks and so on, in case I have put you off the Kings of Leon. Happy listening as always. :)

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