Thursday, 10 April 2014

My MOVIE Reviews - Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook could be described as a romantic comedy / drama starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

Bradley Cooper plays Patrizio "Pat" Solatano Jr. We meet Pat when he is released from a psychiatric hospital with diagnosed bi-polar, to live with his parents. His parents being Pat Senior - none other than Robert De Niro and mum Delores - Jacki Weaver.

We establish early on that he is ever so slightly obsessed with his wife Nikki, from whom he is separated. Having stated his determination to get back with her, he meets Tiffany - Jennifer Lawrence. She is a bit bonkers it turns out, having just been widowed. They develop an offbeat kind of friendship, where she clearly starts to like Pat, whilst he continually fantasises and talks about getting his ex back.

We learn that he had a violent episode before being sent away, provoked by hearing his wedding song playing whilst he found his wife in the shower with another guy. Said wedding song being "My Cherie Amour" the naff Stevie Wonder hit. Pat reacts badly now every time the song plays, which you would think wouldn't happen often.

Back to Nikki and Tiffany. Pat realises there is a connection and tries to encourage Tiffany to give a letter to Nikki in which he professes his love. She persuades him to become her dance partner in return for doing this for him, and although he really does not want to she convinces him. Nikki has apparently passed a letter back to Pat on receipt of his letter. It seems to suggest there is hope.

He thinks that seeing him dance might make Nikki see him differently and take him back. They practice hard. It's so funny when his friend arrives on the dancing practice. Jennifer Lawrence has the sort of body I want and am dieting hard to achieve!!

Pat Jr is then put in a tricky position. His dad wants to watch the game with him, Tiffany wants to dance practice. There is such a clever scene then where everyone is arguing, as his dad has lost his bet, when Tiffany arrives and impresses everyone with her knowledge and demeanor. This is one cool chick indeed.

A new bet is placed, but this time, it includes Pat and Tiffany. In a parlay, they must score at least 5 in the dance competition or the bet will be lost. Pat is reluctant, so they tell him Nikki will be there to watch him.

Everyone arrives at the dance comp on the night of the big game. Tiffany realises that the lie has backfired - Nikki has really come to watch. She realises that she has lost Pat. She starts to drink. They do their dance - its bit rubbish, but unbelievably they just scrape through with the points they needed. The eagles win - the bet is won!!

Pat goes straight to Nikki, but its too much for Tiffany and she runs away out of the place. He speaks to Nikki for just a moment, then goes back to his dad. His dad tells him Tiffany loves him, and Pat goes after her. He finds her and hands her a note which says he knows she forged the letter from Nikki. He tells her he loves her. Happily, madly every after.

Now, this all sounds twee right? Wrong. Bradley is brilliantly mad, and Tiffany convincingly bonkers. The chemistry is real, these two play the most amazing parts - sparking off one another and its thoroughly absorbing. Add the great cast, the great scenes with Pat Jr and Snr and you have an absolutely stella film. Clever, witty, emotional, dramatic, crazy, funny - awesome film.

The two leads - Lawrence and Cooper I have not seen flex their acting muscles before. I have seen them in other films, but they shine here. Both were nominated for Oscars, Lawrence won. Deservedly - she is mesmerising in this and shows that she is a great actress. Her character is messed up, but not so much as to be beyond understanding. I think we can all sympathise with those feelings sometimes.

I cannot recommend this film enough. Its a ten out of ten from me. go watch it now. Fabulous. :)

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