Saturday, 5 April 2014

My Single of The Week - Indiana - Solo Dancing

My choice for this weeks Single of the Week is from an English artist called Indiana, with the single 'Solo Dancing'.

On first listen, I thought this was cool. Her voice is haunting, and a bit husky which sounds sexy and enticing. think 80's electro sound in the backing to it. Its quite slow paced, but you could imagine this playing loudly in a bar or club. Very edgy and very stand out.

You also find yourself humming along to it long after you have finished listening. At first, I thought it was about her dancing on her own. On listening again, there is quite a bit of innuendo here 'Solo dancing'? Hmmm.

The video certainly pushes you into that direction of thinking too. Its quite dark and features lots of meat, and meat being based with things, buttons being pushed - toaster, light switch. Things being flicked by her finger - a coffee bean for one. She shakes her fist at a jar of gherkins and there is a lot of fruit.

She lies on her bed as milk drips down behind her, and then as if the point hasn't already been made, there is a framed picture of non other than Mr Bean!!! This girl has a dark sense of humour, and video is fab. She also dances and is blindfolded. As I say, quite dark, but fits the song perfectly.

The lyrics definitely do more than hint at what this song is about. The line "I go dancing by myself, I go dancing with no one else" will stay in your head so be warned!! Beautiful voice, clever song and video = great song.

The release date is a little way off for this one still - 20th April, but its already getting air play so its going to be big I think. Go and have a listen and let me know what you think. Check out My Music page here for more singles and music stuff. Happy Listening:)

(video published on youtube by IndianaVEVO )

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