Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My Week with Kings of Leon Day Four - Supersoaker

Day Four of My Week with Kings of Leon and today its Supersoaker. This was released in 2013 as the lead single from their album Mechanical Bull.

It made the top 40 in the UK singles chart but reached number 32. I think it should have been much higher personally its a great track. Mechanical Bull was the bands sixth studio album, and was also released in 2013.

This is all about guitars and drums this song, but as always, Caleb on lead vocals growls his way through it with his fab rock and roll voice.

The video to this one stunned me. Caleb in particular being barely recognisable with short hair and quite good looking. All twinkly eyed and smiling. Only the drummer is reminiscent of the hairy grunge band from days gone. They have all seemingly undergone an image overhaul without selling out though. They are still a rock band, but now they are cool. Who would have thought that lovely faces were hiding beneath copious quantities of facial hair?

It's shot in a kind of technicolour think Wizard of Oz. It seems to be about women and emotions I would say judging solely by the video, but hints at a darker meaning with lots of cropped shorts, tight clothing and one scene where a lady cuts off the buttons with a large pair of shears. Interesting, yes, not totally meaningful though.

Back to the song. Its a bit sing-a-longy and very catchy. The lyrics "I don't mind sentimental girls at times" "walk away" you do find yourself singing after listening to this. Again though, I am finding a common theme with these guys of not having a scooby doo what its about. Something to do with a girl is all I can fathom. Hmmm. Sounds great though.

If you like big guitars and lots of drum with quite a good pace, plus fab gravelly vocals this is for you. If not, then maybe check out My Music page here for more music that might be!

I love this song, it's my kind of thing. Go have a listen and let me know what you think. Happy listening :)

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