Saturday, 19 April 2014

My Week with Robbie Day Four - Rock DJ

Day four of My Week with Robbie Williams, and today's pick is Rock DJ. Rock DJ was released in 2000, and was taken from Robbie's album Sing When You're Winning.

Once again, I'm surprised how long ago this was released - 2000! Rock DJ hit the number one spot here in the UK, giving him his third as a solo artist. It was the first single to be released from Sing When You're Winning, which also hit the number one spot on its release the same year. It was his third studio album.

Back to the song. This is another one of Robbie's hits that saw him collaborate with Guy Chambers. The song is upbeat, and has a strong pulse to it, and it is really catchy. Robbie doesn't really exercise his full vocal range on this one, but he still sounds great. It's got some samples in it - namely from the Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It, and also Barry White.

Lyrics wise, it's got some fab lines although its not particularly meaningful in essence. For example "I've got the gift gonna stick it in the goal, its time to move your body". "houston do you hear me, ground control can you feel me, need permission to land". Then we get to the chorus "I don't wanna rock, DJ, but you're making me feel so nice, when's it gonna stop, DJ, cos you're keeping me up all night." Its easy to sing to, great to listen to, but its basically a pop song about dancing and the DJ.

However, what makes this track stand out is once again controversy. If you want to watch the video, then do so with a warning that its a bit gory, but its clever so worth a watch. Her is the link to the video if you are feeling brave.

It starts off with Robbie entering into the middle of a dance floor, around which are roller-skating girls. Above them is a female DJ with her headphones on, playing the tunes. All the girls are extremely attractive, and Robbie tries to get their attention and that of the DJ, but fails. He gives it his best moves, but nothing. So he takes his top off. Still nothing. Disgruntled, he whips off his trousers and dances in his pants. Still nothing. He takes his pants off then - you don't see anything so don't worry!

When this doesn't work, he rips off his skin, dancing with just muscles, then starts ripping those off too. Ultimately he is just a dancing skeleton, when finally the DJ comes to him and dances with him. Mission accomplished!  I think it's a really clever concept, although it is a bit gross. I love the message that comes up at the end of it "No Robbies were harmed during the filming of this video". Good to know.

I think this is a mega pop song, well sung, catchy and also very clever. Go and have a listen and let me know what you think. Check out previous days with Robbie on My Music page here, or for more music stuff generally! Pop me a comment if you like under this post. Happy listening :)

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