Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Week with Robbie Day One - Come Undone

So a slightly delayed Day One with Robbie Williams then, and to kick us off its 'Come Undone'. Released back in 2003, this was taken from the album Escapology.

The single was the second to be taken from Escapology, and it reached number 4 in the UK charts. Escapology was Robbie's fifth studio album, and according the press at the time was a reflection about Robbie's actual life. Now we all know this boy has his demons, and listening to the lyrics of this song if that is true its a bit of a worry about where his head was at!!

Back to the music - make no mistake, this a great track. Its not an anthem as such unlike some of his epic singles - more of those to come as we move through the week. What it is in an interesting song, with dark lyrics, a slow pace and Robbie's vocals sounding superb.

The album hit the number one spot when it was released in 2002. No surprise there. However this track as per usual with all things Robbie, was surrounded by controversy, not least because of the video - onto that in a sec, but also the lyrics. Lets see what the fuss was about shall we?

Ok so we start off ok "so unimpressed but so in awe". And then we're off. He sings "so self aware, so full of s***". Its dark. Clearly Robbie not feeling a happy bunny. He continues "I'm contemplating, thinking about thinking, it's overrated, just get another drink in, watch me come undone". The chorus kicks in then and he sounds great as he sings "they're selling razor blades and mirrors in the street, pray that when I'm coming down you'll be asleep", then finally "because I'm scum, and I'm your son, watch me come undone".

This is a song about someone on the brink for sure. "If I stop lying I'll just disappoint you". "do another interview, sing a bunch of lies". He's feeling it, but you still find yourself singing at the top of your lungs along with him, as dark as it is, because it is a great great pop song.

So now to the video. If the lyrics got Robbie in bother, then the video was the proverbial slap across the face of the establishment. Controversial? Tick. Sexual nature? Tick. Robbie strutting around in an unbuttoned shirt, sporting a black eye, in his pants wearing pink socks? Tick, tick, tick!!

Basically, and without posting a link to this one - it is definitely adult in nature, its Robbie with a major hangover, flashing back to the party shenanigans the night before. Quite clever how it flashes back to everyone looking groomed and happy, then the mess left afterwards! I think everyone has had a few too many and spent the next day piecing it together haven't they? Just not on this scale. Lots of ladies and lots of body to body stuff, plus some lovely shots of persons being a bit ill. For all that, its actually quite a good video and these days I doubt it would get banned - these days we have Miley Cyrus and her twerking now!!!

So Come Undone is a superb pop song, with a dark edge, great sound, fantastic vocals and a bit of a naughty video. What more could you ask for? You've got to love Robbie. So there was day one. If you can't wait for day two, go check out My Music page for more music stuff here. Drop me a comment below too if you like. Happy Listening :)

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