Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My Week with Robbie Day Six - Shame

Day Six then, and today its the single Shame. Shame was released in 2010 and is actually Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow singing a duet.

Shame was the first single released from Robbie's second greatest hits album, In and out of Consciousness: 1990-2010. This was their first song together since Robbie left Take That. It was a hit in the UK, and reached number 2.

For those of you that remember when Robbie left Take That, there was a massive feud between these two. This single was more than just a duet - it was a healing of the rift between them. They both said things about one another when Robbie left the band, and it was a very public affair.No love lost.

Clearly, time had healed the rawness, and this is the result. Apparently they wrote this in less than an hour. Probably the reason it sounds so genuine. And it does.This was their public making up - friends again. Yay!!!

Not only is it lovely that they made friends, but better than that this is a lovely beautiful song. Its funny, its sweet and its from the heart. It kicks in slowly - its a humble effort this one, not big and brash, which makes it classy and sweet. The two of them sound sincere and their voices harmonise so well it kind of chokes you up.

Here is a link to the fab video which is perfect for this song. Its just the 2 of them,walking along towards their respective cars,not speaking. Later, they are in an American bar, and they clearly are referencing real life. Robbie going solo, becoming huge, and Take That reforming and becoming huge without RW. Finally, they start to look at one another, and they go out to the lake. Now they are reunited, they strip to the waist and race up the top of the cliff to dive into the water. They get to the top,think better of it,and walk away arms around each other. Its ace!

The lyrics are really sincere and mean a lot to them, which is very clear. The first line starts us off "Well there’s three versions of this story mine and yours and then the truth". They carry on, asking is this the sound of sweet surrender. Then "what a shame we never listened". "So I got busy throwing everybody underneath the bus." "And with your poster 30 foot high at the back of toys r us". "I wrote a letter in my mind, but the words were so unkind, about a man I can't remember". Basically, taking the mick out of one another, then saying it was all so long ago. Finally they sing "words come easy when they're  true". The boys - friends once again. Yay!!

I admit,I have a soft spot for these two, and I remember being so happy that they had made up. This song still makes me happy listening to it, after several years have now passed. Its definitely a feel good song - its funny,sarky and beautifully sung. Its clever and sincere. It sounds great, and lets be honest, they both look great in this video, so what more could you ask for? Perfect.

Go on, have a listen yourself and let me know what you think. Check out My Music page here for more of Robbie, plus Take That and many others. Happy Listening :)

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