Friday, 11 April 2014

My Week with Robbie Williams - Week 7

Its Week 7 of My Week with where I pick a different artist / band to review. I choose 7 songs, over 7 days and post my review. At the end of each week, I consider my choices and choose a favourite. This week I am excited to say its Robbie Williams. As a Stoke girl myself, it is particularly exciting!!

So lets get to know a bit more about him before we start our week with the man himself. If you saw my Week number 5 you will know that Robbie first came to fame with Take That. But I'm not going to focus on that. I'm going to pick his story up from after the first split.

In 1995 Robbie left Take That and launched his solo career. His first single was a George Michael cover of the song "Freedom". Quite to the point there eh?

Robbie went on to be huge. Since 1995, he has sold over 70 million records world wide. His first seven albums hit the number one spot in the UK. He is the best selling solo UK artist, has won 17 BRIT awards and countless other accolades. Not bad for a Stoke boy!!

He is a pop star. He has a huge personality. He is cheeky, funny, a little bit bonkers, and very very full of confidence and yet self doubt. Robbie has had success. He has made it. But he has his demons. He has battled drugs and depression, battles with his weight and self image, and alcohol issues.

I find all of this humbling. To be so talented, so full of life and yet struggle like the rest of us, makes you realise that money and success do not necessarily make you happy. Thankfully, he seems happy now he has his family and his life seems settled. The boy done good.

He has released some true epics that will forever be played at weddings. He has released fun, quirky tracks. Some of his album tracks are utterly mad. Some are ballads, some very dark. Then there is his swing stuff - as a fan of old blue eyes Mr Sinatra, that is no bad thing.

Robbie takes pop to new levels, sells out tours like no one else and keeps reinventing and coming back with new and fresh sounds. I am beyond excited to have the excuse to play his songs loud. I may even dance and sing along.

Come back for my seven song choices and listen along with me. C'mon - Let me Entertain You!! (sorry, been waiting to try that out! ) happy listening folks :)

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