Friday, 9 May 2014

Beyond excited - blinged up pink converse!!

This is a pair of Converse. Pink ones. With bling. Swarovski no less. And ribbons!!! woohoo!! 

It is G's 9th birthday on Sunday the 18th. This is her surprise present. I am beyond excited. If they don't fit her, she is a size 5, I'm squeezing my 5.5. - 6 tootsies in them, because I am like totally jealous!!! 

The site is Lisa's bling. I only messaged her this evening, yet they are arriving thursday - how great is that? Amazing site, amazing response. Cannot wait to get them!! 

I will just be waiting for my own pair now. Hint to anyone who might be wanting ideas for my next Christmas or birthday present!! xx

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