Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My 13 Week Challenge - Back on Track

1 and a half weeks into the challenge. Its been a struggle so far for sure. I have made progress, but I have also had a slight blip!!

I had lost 6 and a half pounds, but then I overdid it at the weekend. Now, its 4 and a half pounds. In a week and a half though, thats still over 2lbs a week which was the goal.

It's 11 weeks on Thursday, so I need to up the ante now. Starting now, I am back on track firmly. I have some events coming up which will cause a diet challenge - gigs, weddings, anniversaries, overnight breaks, but this is life.

I have to lose ten more pounds to reach my previous holiday weight, but thats not enough this time. I want more. I can do more.

I am going to do this by going to the gym, continuing personal training twice per week, eating healthily, drinking less, walking more and being organised. Focusing on the goal - looking better, looking fit, healthy and toned.

I have being looking at various websites to see just what it is possible to accomplish with this body of mine. I'm very lucky - I have no injuries or real physical weaknesses, so there is so much I can do. If I don't do it at this time in my life, its only going to get harder. I'm still in my 30's so age is still on my side. I need to make the most of this opportunity to be all I can be.

I will now keep you updated on how I progress, as I haven't been keeping track too well and that's another issue. Failing to plan, is planning to fail. I am going to plan, and stick to it. Watch this space!! ;)

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