Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My Week with Rihanna is over

My Week with Rihanna is over. So now it is time to decide which of my seven choices was my favourite. I've enjoyed listening to this artist - you sort of forget how much stuff they have done, and how good their music is when you go back and revisit it.

Rihanna is certainly not shy of her opinions, or of expressing some dark sentiments!! She looks smoking, but her choices of attire in the videos are extreme at times. If you've got it though as they say.

There is certainly no denying that this girl can sing. Wow she has range and emotion. I'm not ashamed to say I'm now quite the fan.

Now, without further delay here is my ranking of my seven choices:

At number one: Love the Way you Lie
Number two: Diamonds
Number three: S&M
Number four: Russian Roulette
Number five: Umbrella
Number six: We Found Love
Number seven: Disturbia

And now it's over. Thankyou Rihanna - it's been great. But I must bid you farewell.

Who will it be next? Check out My Music page here for more music choices - who knows, you might find something you like. Happy listening :)

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