Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Day Five of My Week with The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up

Day Five of My week with The Rolling Stones brings me today's choice - Start Me Up.

Start Me Up was released in 1981, but it originally started out in the 70's but took quite some time for the band to really get it nailed. It starts with a now, immediately identifiable riff and off we go for another fantastic rock/pop record.

This one failed to hit the top spot in the UK, but did reach a very respectable number 7. Here's a bit of trivia too - this was the last song by the Stones to make the top 10 in the UK at all.

This single was taken from the album Tattoo You, released in the same year. Start Me Up was the lead single to be taken from it. Its since been on several of their compilation albums, and has been an opening track on their tours many times.

Now by today's standards, this is quite tame. However its quite clearly a track based around intimate relations shall we say!! Start Me Up? Hmm. Maybe a bit of double entendre perhaps. But then the constant repeat of "you make a grown man cry" and other choice phrases leave you in no doubt what this is about!!  Quite amusing really.

The video is hilarious. I'm sure there are some that find Mick Jagger strutting his stuff very appealing, but even so, his scrawny bod clad in a fetching tight skinny t-shirt and lovely white trousers, doing his famous pout, really does nothing for me other than make me snigger!! I'm sure he was quite the mover in his day, but watching it now its like really? What were you thinking? Not that the rest of the band look much better for all that!! Great song though!!

Start Me Up is a fun song, a bit more pop than my choices day 1-4, but still rock and roll. The Stones are a rock band, and they never deviate off course, albeit dabbling with different influences along the way - you can tell a Rolling Stones song from virtually the first few seconds. That takes work, and this group make it seem effortless. Brilliant track. Go take a listen and let me know what you think of this one.

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