Thursday, 19 June 2014

Day One of My Week with Britney - Toxic

Its Day One of My Week with Britney Spears. My first pick is the single Toxic.

Toxic was released in 2004. It was taken from Britney's fourth studio album, In The Zone released in 2003. It was the second single from that album and its a fabulous pop song. 

Now this isn't the girl next door that made her famous. This is a raunchy little number - all breathless vocals and strings, with a naughty-ish feel to it. It's fast paced, and dancey in a pop rather than club way. Britney doesn't have the strongest voice, but what she has is a unique voice. She doesn't do powerful ballads or glass breaking high notes, but what you see is what you get - she is, despite the sex-kitten image, a pop princess. 

Now the video is something. I'm saying that as a woman, and a straight one at that. But Britney has something that appeals. She has an amazing physique, and is simply beautiful. This video sees her in a body stocking with crystals on it and not much else. Very few of us females can get away with that, trust me. She is also an air hostess and a leather clad red haired vixen. Finally, she is a brunette seducing some willing male! She looks amazing - flawless skin, dynamite body. Apparently, she is portraying a secret agent. Hmmm. Never mind that - it looks great. 

Toxic hit the number one spot in the charts here in the UK, and was massive in loads of countries including her home USA. Its no surprise - its a catchy, well produced and fun pop song, but with the added sex appeal of Ms Britney Jean Spears. This girl can work it, that is for sure. I love Toxic - its everything a pop song should be. Go and have a listen, and let me know what you think. 

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