Friday, 20 June 2014

Day Two of My Week with Britney - Baby One More Time

Its Day Two of My Week with Britney. Today I have chosen the classic (Hit Me) Baby One More Time.

Baby One More Time is the track that really put Britney on the map and shot her to stardom. Released back in 1998, it was taken from her debut album of the same name released in 1999. Britney was all clean and American teen pop back in the day.

To say that this single was huge would be understating it. It hit the top spot everywhere. Britney being just 17/18 when the song was recorded then released, was so young to be launched so fast into the spotlight. She sounds sweet and already distinctive. Quite some feat!

Since then, this track has really made its mark. Its won goodness knows how many accolades, not to mention being considered one of the best pop songs of all time!

Now, unless you have spent your life in a cave, you will already be familiar with this now infamous video it features Britney clad in school uniform, dancing around, showing off her moves. She is also in sports gear, and it has to be said, she looks flawless and very young. Although in later years, she would move away from her girl next door image, it was clearly focused on it here. That said, the school uniform aspect is a little in contrast!

Britney became huge after this, and the world has since been permanently obsessed and fascinated by her in equal measures. One thing is for sure, this song is phenomenal. Yes, it was supposed to be marketed for teens. Make no mistake though, when this song comes on, it appeals to everyone, well, most everyone!! It has something special that great pop achieves - energy, fun and life! Go take a listen and have some fun. Happy Listening : )

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