Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Lana Del Rey - West Coast - My Single of The Week

I admit I am already a fan of Lana Del Rey, but this new single - West Coast, is already a favourite. Released in April this year, this is working its way up the charts, currently sitting at number 21.

Lana has a really distinctive, really soulful voice. Her lyrics on this are beautiful, but in keeping with her previous singles, its in touch with its dark side.

This single is the lead single from her third album, Ultraviolence which was also released this year. Lana has had massive success with her first two albums, Lana Del Rey in 2010, and Born to Die in 2012. This song though, is different again, and it excites me for what the album holds in store.

Lana has a jazz like smoky voice, but she can also sound very young, and has been described as a lost "Lolita" and in fact described herself as a ganster Nancy Sinatra!! This track is another big atmospheric number, with a ballad like pace and feel to it.

She mournfully and beautifully sings through this track with a haunting, stirring resonance. Its all echoes and dreamlike, and it really does move you, and kind of make you nervous and excited at the same time.

The video is like none I have ever seen. Lana Del Rey is beautiful, in a retro, 1950s style - big false eyelashes, curves, and very feminine. It starts in black and white, and you think its just going to be a romance. Splashing in the waves, cuddling on a stroll along the beach - on the West Coast of course. Then she's being driven along, looking sad, and smoking.

The next thing, flames are all around her, she's in colour in a red dress with her black hair framing her against a backdrop of flames. Then she's in her beach outfit - leather jacket, once again burning. Its powerful and it is dark, and it fits this beautiful powerful track perfectly. You can check it out here.

I don't know if its everyone's cup of tea, but this is the best track I have heard in a long long time. I may even rate this more than Born to Die, an all time favourite of mine. She is unique, she is talented and she is beautiful in voice and in physical presence. Wow. Quite simply, just wow. You have to go and listen and watch this one, just perfection.

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(video published on youtube by LanaDelReyVEVO)

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