Thursday, 26 June 2014

My single of the Week - George Ezra - Budapest

This week my single of the week is Budapest by George Ezra. This single is taken from his debut album, Wanted on Voyage which comes out this year, 2014- end of June I believe.

Budapest is catchy. Lets begin there. I heard it for the first time last weekend, and had my other half in hysterics singing along to the "you" bits. He said I sounded like a werewolf! Luckily, George Ezra sounds better than I do.

The official release date for this single was 13th June, and as of today, its sitting at number 4 in the UK charts. Pretty impressive.

George is a British artist, singer and songwriter. I was really surprised when I watched this official video for Budapest in that he doesn't look like you expect from hearing him. He has an older sounding, bluesy voice, but in person is baby faced and fresh.

The video is fascinating. Ezra is standing in a crowd, singing away whilst lads egg each other on and an assortment of people dance around and do their own thing. Not much happens in it really - Ezra does a bit of crowd surfing, plays his guitar and sings, but its intriguing to watch none the less.

I absolutely love this song. Its pop, but with a bit of soul. Its light hearted and easy to sing along to, and he has a great voice. This is going to be massive. Its also one of those songs that gets really stuck in your head and I have been singing "you" over and over again since I heard this. Brilliant single. Go check it out and let me know what you think.

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(video published on youtube by GeorgeEzraVEVO )

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