Monday, 2 June 2014

My Week with The Rolling Stones

So this week its The Rolling Stones. I decided to go a bit old school for a spot of good old fashioned rock n roll nobility no less. You may be too young to remember them first time around, same as myself, but I have no doubt you will recognise some of my choices during this week. The Stone's formed in 1962, but the're music is still heavily featured in films, ads and TV shows. So lets explore this phenomenal British band shall we?

Ok, so I've already said they formed in '62. They consisted of Mick Jagger on vocals, yes, he of the pouty lips. Then there was Keith Richards on guitar, Bill Wyman on bass, and Charlie Watts on drums. There was Ian Stewart on piano and Brian Jones on guitar. Some of these have come and gone, but Jagger and Richards are the constants. Ronnie Wood later joined the band, and they continue to this day, and are actually touring as I write this!

The Stones were part of the British rebellion in the 60's bringing blues to rock and roll. They were long haired and lets be honest, not exactly the cutesy good looking kind that got the Beatles such a female following, but the Stones were cool, they were rock and roll, and they had talent.

This band are huge, and generation spanning, having released 29 studio albums!! In addition to this, 18 live albums, several compilations, and have been inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Its amazing to think that they have been going over 50 years!!

This is a band who have achieved so much success. They have received Grammys, NME awards, lifetime achievement awards from the likes of MTV, and as I mentioned, goodness knows how many TV, movie and ads feature them.

These are just a few of the stand outs for me in terms of what their music features in:

  • the Departed
  • Layer Cake
  • Austin Powers
  • the Royal Tenenbaums
  • Fallen
  • Fear and loathing in Las Vegas
  • Jerry Maguire
  • Casino
  • Goodfellas
  • Full Metal Jacket
And they are just a few of them!! All fabulous films, which just goes to show the talent of this group. Its hard to imagine these films without their soundtracks, and you may have watched and never even realised who was singing. You could be a secret Stones fan already and not even know it!! Such is the beauty of going back to revisit such musical greats. 

Their songs have played in the background of ads for everything from TVs to body sprays! They have featured on episodes of Mad Men, Nip Tuck and House, True Blood and CSI to name but a few. You get the idea!!

I am excited if I am honest, as this is a band who are truly best of British. They also broke America, which is rare. Over the coming week I shall review 7 of their tracks, then at the end of My Week with the Rolling Stones I shall consider which tops my list. Check back tomorrow for the first choice, or if you can't wait, check out My Music page for more great music here :)

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