Thursday, 3 July 2014

Day 7 of My Week with Britney - I'm A Slave for U

So with a small delay, sorry, I bring you the last day of My Week with Britney Spears, and Day Seven brings us I'm A Slave For U. Released back in 2001.

This single was taken from Britney's third studio album, Britney, also released in 2001. Here's a bit of trivia for you - this single was produced by The Neptunes. No? Not ringing any bells? The Neptunes are Chad Hugo and, wait for it, Pharrell Williams!! Who knew?

Back to the song. This was in fact the lead single from the album. It peaked at number 4 on the UK charts. I think its fair to say thats another big hit for what was then the first sign of the "sexy" Britney we now know. This was a step forward and away from her "girl next door" image, despite always being just a bit too sexy for innocence if we're honest about it.

The sound is much more dance and urban - no surprise when you think of Pharrell's involvement in particular. She's all breathy and vampy in this one, not so strong on the vocals really, more about the image and the sexiness than anything else.

This image is further aided by the hot and steamy video to it. Click on the link to have a watch. Seemingly filmed in a sauna, its all skimpy clothing and sweaty tanned skin. Fine if you like that kind of thing - but there is no denying she has an enviable bod here. Lots of dancing and writing about match the song perfectly.

So this is the last of my single picks for Britney Spears as my week with her is over. Ok, yes, she is a great artist. Is she a great singer? Not an all time great no. Is she a big star? Undoubtedly. Is she talented? Yes. Her songs are fun, pop, a bit sassy at times, a bit sarcastic at others, but all in all great entertainment. She has evolved from her early days, and has lasted well past the shelf life of many a wannabe. I like Britney. She's not just a pop star - thanks to tabloid obsession we know much more about her than perhaps we should, but for me, that makes me like her more. Because she has struggled.

If you want to check out my previous Brit picks, or for more music, check out My Music page by clicking the link here.  Happy Listening :)

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