Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Week with Coldplay - Day One - Yellow

So here we go then - My Week with Coldplay. My first song choice is the classic single Yellow.

Yellow was the second single to be released back in 2000 from their debut album Parachutes, released the same year. The first single being Shiver.

Despite being a massive breakthrough single for the band, and one of their most memorable, I was surprised to find that it peaked at number four in the UK charts, and didn't make the top spot.

I remember hearing Yellow for the first time and being absolutely blown away by it. It sounds just as amazing now, which is incredible. Coldplay are not the typical sounding rock band, more on the alternative sound and they have a beautiful quality to their songs. Chris Martin's voice sounds so utterly gorgeous on this record.

The video is simplistic but effective. Basically, its just a very young and ordinary looking Chris on a rainy beach in an anorak. Its just all about the music, no gimmicks, so special effects or dancing girls. Purely him singing this wonderful song.

As to what Yellow is about it seems the jury is out. It may have something to do with a yellow pages according to urban legend on such things, or it just as easily may not do. Whatever its about it sounds perfect. It sounds romantic, the lyrics make it emotional, but all in all its a happy song. Yellow is a happy colour - Yellow is a happy song. To me it is anyway.

So, what you have in this song is a beautiful voice, beautiful music - one of my favourite songs ever which I am happily revisiting and putting on my playlists!! I had forgotten just how much I love it. Go and have a listen.

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