Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Week with Coldplay is Over

My Week with Coldplay is over. Its been fun, and a bit bit melancholy, but ultimately a beautiful sounding talented band. For more about this band click here.

So lets get to the fun part - putting the seven song choices in order - so which will be in the number one spot? Without hesitation, lets go:

In at number 1 - Yellow
Number 2 - Trouble
Number 3 -  A Sky Full of Stars
Number 4 - Fix You
Number 5 - Paradise
Number 6 - The Scientist
Number 7 - The Hardest Part

It had to be Yellow in the number one spot. An oldie but a goodie. And that's it - my week with Coldplay is over. What a truly great band.

I shall announce my next week with tomorrow, but if you just can't wait, then check out My Music page here for my previous choices. As always, happy listening :)

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