Tuesday, 5 August 2014

24 hours to go!

In 24 hours from now, or just over, I will be in the final stages of hol preps. You know - the shower, the make up, do my hair, wash off the spray tan. But that's tomorrow.

Today I have endured a full leg wax and bikini - ouch!! Lovely smooth pins now though. So that's done.

Before work, I ex-foliated all over, in preparation for my spray tan tomorrow.

After work, I headed for the beauty salon once again to have my acrylic nails done. They are lovely. A deep bright pink, with pink glittery polish on each ring finger. Very pretty and holiday esque.

I have been to boots and got my suncreams, my medical bits and bobs, some extra travel plugs and toiletries, and they are now all packed.

All that now needs to be packed is my jewellery, my make up and my hairdryer and straighteners which I can't pack until I have gotten myself ready tomorrow night.

Taxi coming at 2am to pick us up. Am in that slightly nervous phase right now, convinced I am going to forget something. This is unlikely given that I have 25KG and appear from the look of my case to have packed everything but the kitchen sink!!

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