Thursday, 28 August 2014

64 Days until we get the keys (I hope)

It is now 64 days until we get the keys to our new house!! It seems forever away, but time has a habit of flying. 31st October is the expected completion date.

The mortgage is all ready to go, valuation done, credit checks and all of that red tape. Solicitors are in the throws of the searches - they already have the land registry plan, so unless something sinister is found, which we don't expect, then we should be good to go!!

I still am trying to keep my feet on the ground though. It could, very small chance, but could, still go wrong. That said its immensely hard not to keep looking at the pictures of the house, planning where things will go, what we want to do with it and imagining ourselves there!!

64 days. Not long. Well before then, we should have everything confirmed, so I think I will be a bit more relaxed - maybe not. Moving is stressful.

64 days. Counting down. Exciting and nerve wracking. :)

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