Monday, 11 August 2014

Clothes are getting snug now :(

Yep, a few days in now, and what fitted nicely pre-holiday trying on session is now starting to be much more snug than would be my preference :(

Whilst this is not good for hol snaps, I have enjoyed every moment of piling it on so mustn't grumble.

Going on holiday is one of the only times it is permissible to not care if you have a food belly. Everyone there has one by day five - that's kind of the point. You just relax in a way that you just never would really back home.

Yes, you might go out for a meal, but would this ever happen every night at home? Would you, on top of that, eat a huge breaky every morning and a hot meal for lunch? Nicely washed down with a glass of the old vino or a beer? I cannot imagine behaving this way at home, and I love it!

It makes all the hard work, slogging away at the gym, and the general manic pace of life worth it. So my clothes are getting snug - I can still get in them (just) so who cares? Just enjoying myself. Happy days :)

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