Thursday, 28 August 2014

Day Four of My Week with REM - The Great Beyond

Day Four of My Week with REM and its The Great Beyond.

Released in 1999, this was a track written for a film. The film being Man on the Moon starring Jim Carey. It isn't an album track, but was part of the movie soundtrack. As a single it reached number 3 in the UK chart, which I believe is the highest an REM track reached here.

This is a clever song, and really catchy. It features the line "I'm pushing an elephant up the stairs". Yep, life feels like that sometimes! Its a very melodic track, mid tempo with lots of references to the film obviously.

The video features the band in the recording studio, with Stipe sporting some very bright orange trousers oddly. It cuts between them singing, and clips of the film. They realise they can move the TV they are being shown on by pushing on the glass of the recording studio. It ends where they have broken out.

Stipe's vocals are again fantastic, the melody, the instruments - all absolutely perfectly orchestrated. This is a truly talented and original band, and a truly great track. Take a listen, watch the video and let me know what you think.

If you missed the previous days, here's a reminder of what they were : Stand , Everybody Hurts and
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