Monday, 25 August 2014

Day One of My Week with REM - Stand

Day One of My Week with REM and to start us off its their single Stand.

Stand was released in 1989, and was the second single to be taken from their album Green released 1988. Its a quirky, catchy little track, but didn't fare too well only reaching no 48 in the UK charts. I have chosen it though as its distinctive and shows them in their early days.

Green was the band's first release with their new label, Warner Bros. Unlike many of their tracks, this one isn't political. Apparently, it was written to be akin to tracks from the Monkees and of all things, the Banana Splits. Very random! Also very REM!

REM are what is classed as alternative rock, which basically means softer or more indie rock pop in their case. What makes REM for me though, despite their being talented musicians, is Michael Stipe's voice.

This single is quite up tempo, certainly no ballad here. Its not deep and meaningful, and if you need further proof of that, then watch this video. It features the band, but also four people just doing a little dance and jumping north, south east and west in time with the song. Quite amusing, but more funny still? Their hair, particularly Stipe. Dear goodness he needed a makeover - what a barnet!!

This is a quirky littly song, I like it, and its a reminder of how diverse this band can be. Go take a listen, and let me know what you think.

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