Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Day Three of My Week with REM - Losing My Religion

Its Day Three of My Week with REM. Today its Losing My Religion.

Losing My Religion was the first single released from their album Out of Time in 1991. It reached number 19 in the UK singles chart, giving them another top 20 hit.

The video to this song is fascinating, and at the time was highly commended. It features Michael Stipe sitting on a chair, whilst all manner of dramatic characters appear - oriental ladies, wigged men and of course the rest of the band. Nothing much happens, but its very cinematic and stylish.

Michael's vocals really stand out on this one. No one sounds like him, not even close. Apparently the song was written using a mandolin, and you can hear the influence in it strongly. Its a mid tempo number, and quite emotional in its feel. Its very unconventional in that whilst its a pop song, its not the usual.

That's the thing with REM, they release great songs, they have a distinctive style, but equally they don't follow a formula. Michael has a rich voice, not the typical singing voice, that is kind of jarring but full of emotion whilst still being raw and edgy. So different from anyone before or anyone since.

Go and have a listen, and let me know what you think. You can check out Day One - Stand, and Day Two - Everybody Hurts if you missed it. For more, you can check out My Music page by clicking here. Happy Listening :)

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