Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Enjoy your body - its the greatest piece of equipment you will ever have

I need to have a word with myself. I have gotten myself totally hung up on the scales, instead of focusing on what matters. What is that you ask?

Well what matters is that your body is great. So is mine, so is everybody's. We come in all shapes and sizes, but we are full of amazing gadgets and gizmo's that keep us going. I have been feeling low because I wanted to be x stones and x pounds.

For goodness sake - there is nothing wrong with my body, physically anyway. I am healthy, I am fit, I just am not at the weight I want to be. However, I am a size 12-14. Not exactly huge then. Ok, not skinny, but probably average or slightly less.

Ok, so I am heavier than I want to be? Does that actually matter to anyone but me? When I am by the pool tomorrow, will people stop dead in their tracks and notice that I am 4lbs heavier than I wanted to be? Or will they, as is most likely the case, just be getting on with their own holiday?

Will my clothes still fit me? Of course they will. Its a couple of pounds, not a couple of stones we are talking about!!

I have to get out of this mindset of weight is all. So enjoy your body - its the greatest piece of equipment you will ever have. x

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