Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Getting darker, and definetely cooler - nearly Autumn

I came home last Thursday from heat in the region of 40 degrees. Yes, 40 degrees. I came back to a fairly decent 18-19 degrees. Although it felt cool by comparison.

Since then, its got worse, to the point where my heating is now back on again!! Heating in August? Ridiculous. Not to mention the damn rain!!

So its sitting in my slippers, PJ's and dressing gown, that I watch it going dark outside decidedly earlier this evening. I hadn't really clocked it until tonight, but its defo heading into autumn now.

Not to worry too much though. Another hol already booked for April next year, and planning a city break later this year. Plus, it looks good on the house front now - more on that later!!

Lots happening, lots of stress - good and bad, but its getting darker, and its cooler already, and autumn is nearly here. But that means TV suddenly gets fab. All the best programs seem to start up again in the autumn. I'm really excited about Broadchurch 2 for a start. So not all bad really :)

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