Thursday, 28 August 2014

Haven't made it to the gym again :(

Tonight was supposed to be the return to the gym. However, I am sitting at home watching the soaps because this cold just won't quit.

Instead, I do not intend to move much at all tonight. I will get myself better and if that means I have to rest, then rest it is. Rest with my laptop of course - can't just sit doing nothing!!

I've also cancelled the PT for Saturday, as there is just no way my first session back at the gym was going to be a PT session. I can't even begin to explain how horrific that would have been!!

I need a couple of sessions in before I can bring myself to that amount of effort. Its still going to be hard, but the cold has to go first, then a couple of sessions on my own, then back to it. Sooner rather than later I hope! :)

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