Friday, 1 August 2014

Its raining this weekend - pah!

I have just listened to the weather forecast for the weekend coming. Its not looking good folks.

Apparently we are in for some rain. This means indoors activities will need to be considered. For me, that's not a problem - I have packing to do of course. (Thought I would just get that in there).

However, there is lots you can do when the weather doesn't play nicely. You can read a book, play a card game, watch a good film or boxset. Or for something more active, you can play on the Wii or twister (bit retro) or do a mini workout in your living room.

You could play hide and seek with the kids, or paint and draw. You could play guess who or charades. you could do yourself a mini pampering spa session - face masks, body scrubs, massages.

You could set up a DIY nail bar and do yourself a mini mani or pedi. You could do those niggly things you keep putting off - you know the sort of thing - that squeaky hinge, or that limescale on the taps. You could catch up with friend, have a coffee morning, and bake a cake!!

Basically, the rain isn't an issue so don't let it put you off from having fun. Enjoy :)

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