Monday, 25 August 2014

Malware issues - I want to make you aware :(

I'm usually quite good with computers and gadgets. I'm usually very cautious about upgrades, downloads and email scams. But I got caught out this weekend. By something known as Malware.

I'd heard the term, but never really gave it much thought. Well, let me tell you what a royal pain in the ass it is, not to mention a threat to your information and security.

Somehow, whilst downloading what appeared to be a perfectly kosher update for flash / silverlight, I inadvertently and without realising, gave permission for something called 123 Start to download too.

I knew something was wrong within minutes. It hijacked my usual browser - Chrome, and when you search for anything using it, it flirts you off to all manner of pages, ad sites and goodness knows what else. Pages I already had open, froze, I lost icons off the tool bar and the system went mega slow, scrolling was a nightmare as the pages just fire you off to ads.

I tried to restore my system to a date and time before the download, but because it hijacks the browser, it just attaches itself as extensions, and takes over basically. It wouldn't let me uninstall, as its clever and a lot of chinese writing came up in a pop up when I tried. Because I couldn't get into the internet options (another issues with this malware it stops you getting to the bits that you can usually to remove such programs), every time I deleted it from one place, it just found another way in.

So my laptop had to go for a visit to the computer doctor, otherwise known as my uncle. I know no longer have this awful program, and have lots of malware apps on my laptop to stop it getting in again!!

Just take this warning, and steer clear of it. Be very careful when you update anything and read all the information before you agree to anything!! Nightmare. All fixed now, but what a pain. :)

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