Monday, 4 August 2014

Mini pedicure - done

I have pumiced. I have filed. I have trimmed. I now have soothing peppermint cream on my tootsies, with a sock on each foot to help it absorb.

You might wonder why am I doing this? I shall tell you - my feet pre - mini pedi at home, were an embarrassment.

This little exercise was prompted by trying my shoes on for holiday earlier today. The amount of dead skin on the soles and heels of my feet was awful to behold. All hardened and discoloured.

Normally, I would head to the chiropodist, but I have run out of time, so it was a home effort or nothing.

So I have worked away with my ped egg and file until they looked and felt much smoother. Then plastered on the cream.

Hopefully, if I keep my socks on all night, by tomorrow when I wake up my feet should look much improved and not like trotters!

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