Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My Goal weight

Lets be honest for a moment. We all make plans, we sometimes succeed, sometimes we don't. Does it make us failures? I don't think so. I think its better to have a plan, or a goal, and work towards it and at least get part way there, than it is to just give up and not even try in the first place.

I did not reach the weight I wanted to be at for my holiday. I was quite a way of it in the end. Did I enjoy my holiday? Yes. Would I have had a better holiday half a stone thinner? Nope.

However, and this is the crucial point. Would I have looked better? Yes. Would I have felt more confident and attractive? Yes. So that's the point here.

My goal weight this time is not for a holiday. Its the weight I feel that I want to be. I'm working towards that from now. Not obsessively. Not with a specific date in mind. I'm not giving everything up. I'm just aiming for it, and it will take as long as it takes.

Right now, I weigh in at 12 stones 13.2lbs. My goal is 10 stone 7lbs. That is 2 stone 6.2lbs to lose. That's my goal weight. That's the plan.

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