Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My Single of the Week - Saint Motel - My Type

My single of the week this week is by Saint Motel and its 'My Type'.

Saint Motel are an indie band from America, whom I had never heard of before this track. They are a four piece group, consisting of A/J Jackson - the singer, Aaron Sharp, Dak and Greg Erwin on guitar and drums.

This is a real 70's influenced song - big intro, slow tempo kind of lounge music style. They have been going for a few years, sine 2009 in fact, but this looks set to be their first hit. At the moment, on its first week in the charts in the UK, its gone in at 34.

The video adds to the whole 70's vibe, with lots of Kaftan's and such, and its shot in that technicolour kind of style with lots of retro furniture and references.

The lead singer has a brilliant voice for this song. A bit velvety, and a bit snarly - perfect combination. Its a really stand out track - whether you love it or hate it, because it sounds like nothing else current. I love that in a track. Anything that gets that sort of reaction is good in my book and I really like this.

Its a laid back fun song, and I definitely recommend a listen if you haven't already. Let me know what you think. You can check out My Music page here for more or check out this post for my previous singles of the week. Happy listening :)

(video published on youtube by saintmotelvideo)

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