Saturday, 2 August 2014

My Single of The Week - Zhu - Faded

My single of the week is Zhu - Faded. This is a real slow tempo dance pop track, but a real deep bass sound to it.

Its got a sound and pace to it that really reminds me of dance tracks that used to play when I used to go clubbing back in the 90's. I think its a real chill-out track for the summer. It takes me to a place where I feel tranquil and happy.

This artist is all about the music. There is no information about who they are and I have searched. I think that is kind of cool to be honest. True to the music. Quite rare.

This is a very electronic sound, and futuristic. I love the slow, husky lyrics and vocals. You can just imagine yourself swaying to it somewhere hot - life Cafe Mambo or somewhere hot and cool.

I love the lyrics - "baby, i'm wasted, all i wanna do is drive home to you". The video is black and white, smoky and totally rocking.

This is a truly fabulous track, and its really stuck in my head. This should be out to download now, so I shall certainly be downloading it. Its an amazing track. Go take a listen and let me know what you think.

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