Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Week with REM begins

After a slight delay, its time for My Week with REM to begin. So lets take a look at this great band.

The first thing to remember, sadly, is that REM are no more. This fabulous American group formed in 1980 but went their separate ways in 2011. Fundamentally they were a rock band, but they also released some great music more akin to pop. They released their first album, Murmur in 1983.

The band consisted of Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Bill Berry. For the first few years of their existence, they did not make it big. They released their second album, Reckoning in 1984, and their third, Fables of the Reconstruction in 1985.

They released their fourth album, Lifes Rich Pageant in 1986. It took until 1987 when they released their fifth album Document,  for them to get a real break, and were signed to Warner Records the following year. They released their sixth album, Green in 1988.

It was the 1990's when REM really became big. They released the album Out of Time in 1991, and then Automatic for the People in 1992. They followed this with Monster in 1994, then New Adventures in Hi-Fi in 1996, Up in in 1998, then Reveal in 2001.

Around the Sun came next in 2004, then a couple of live albums, then came Accelerate in 2008. Their last album came just before their split in 2011, Collapse into Now.

Michael Stipe as singer, has a distinctive voice, very unusual. The guitar playing of Peter Buck is original, and all in all, these guys are a talented band. They are also, particularly Stipe, quite politically oriented, with many of their songs featuring lyrics that are very poignant.

Their style evolved from their early days, and they experimented along the way, but they are one of those groups that you can recognise straight off. They never strayed too far from who they were at the start. They have a melodic style that is unique to them.

Over the next week, I shall choose seven of their singles, review each one, then look back over which, in my opinion, was their best of all time. I'm looking forward to this, as this is a great band.

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