Thursday, 21 August 2014

Notice is in!! Now its real.

I took the plunge yesterday, and I put in our notice on the property we rent at the moment. We have to give 2 months, but it can only go from the actual date of our tenancy agreement, which is the 12th.

I just wanted to get the letter written, signed and start the ball rolling, so I did and its done. The notice is in. It runs from 12th Sept to 11th November, so all being well we will be in our new house within 2 months!!

Its exciting and scary in equal measures. Exciting because its a lovely new house, and it will be ours because we won't have a landlord, as lovely as our landlord is. Scary because its a big commitment, it could still go wrong, and then what?

I hope it all goes well, as I really want this place. Everyone has their own taste in colours and design, but there is hardly anything I want to change. That's amazing in itself and I love it.

I can't wait. 2 months seems ages away from now, but I know 2 months from now looking back it will feel like it flew by. Roll on November. :)

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