Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Oooh so tired tonight :)

I think holidays are bad for you. I mean, yes, the weather was hot, the place was lovely, the food was yum and the wine was chilled. Yes, I relaxed, I indulged, I dressed up.

However, now I'm exhausted!! Beyond knackered, totally falling asleep at the hour of 9pm. This is not like me. I'm a night owl as a rule. Just so tired, so utterly tired. So for tonight, I bid you good night.

I will be back properly tomorrow to begin more of My Music - this next week its REM!! Exciting!!

I shall post about my hols, review the place itself, and talk about the clothes. And the shoes of course.

Catch you then. Yawns, stretches, curls up like a cat. Meow and goodnight xx

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