Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Saturday = first PT session back

It has to happen, I can't continue like this. I am getting heavier, more unhealthy and generally more frumpy by the day, or so it feels.

I have gained just over one stone. That's a lot. And so it begins once again. The rocky road to slim. I have a way to go to even get off the starting blocks.

I must stay off the wine, the chocolate, the take aways and the crisps. I must lay off the cup cakes, the ice cream, the cheese and the pub food. I need to step away from the double measures, and the creamy hot chocolates.

My portion sizes have grown, and the amount of meals has too. I eat too much, too many times, and snack too much on the wrong things in between, washed down by all manner of calorific beverages.

I need to make a plan. I will make a plan. And I will stick to it. I have to. Help!

So Saturday is D day. Back to PT. Its going to be the hardest yet. I know it. :)

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