Monday, 4 August 2014

Suitcase nearly packed!

I have been very busy this morning. Trying on clothes, packing them, deciding what shoes to take, getting my travelling outfit ready. I have chosen the jewellery I taking, packed my undies and bikinis and have made a solid start on the toiletries.

I can't finish packing as I still have to buy a few last minute things - namely sun cream and shower gel type of thing. They shall be purchased tomorrow, packed tomorrow evening, and then I am done!

I have upped by baggage allowance this time - to 25KG. I get fed up of the panic worrying if its under 20KG or not, so I thought stuff it - just pay for more. It was too bad actually - £12.50 for an extra 5KG.

Just got to sort my hand luggage, check the passports 3 million times (I have passport checking issues), charge up my kindle and I'm ready to go.

Only problem is, I don't actually go until Thursday. I want to go tomorrow - I will be ready tomorrow. Well, apart from my spray tan. Which is essential, so I guess Thursday is soon enough!

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