Friday, 29 August 2014

Summer holidays are almost over :)

Little G goes back to school on Tuesday. So this weekend is the last weekend for all of us to enjoy the last of the summer. Food, drink and relaxing is the order of play for the weekend coming.

Next week, all of us need to trim ourselves down, move a bit more and get back on the bike, literally.

I have gained over a stone. All of are not looking how we did before the hols. I'm running out of clothes, and what I can fit in looks awful. More on that later.

The summer holidays are almost done. 6 weeks gone in a flash. I like it when school kicks back in though. Yes, there is more traffic on the road, but it feels like the normal routine has returned. I always feel a bit out of sync when there is no normal routine. I like knowing where we are with days and when we are doing what. I like spontaneity, but not all the time!!

My waistband and bank balance can't take much more over indulgence, so I'm glad its almost over.

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