Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Update on the new house!

We viewed it in the rain. We fell in love with it. We put in an offer. It was refused. We put in a second offer, and it was accepted. And so it began.

We viewed it a second time, with little G and my parents. It was glorious sunshine. It looked even more lovely and if possible I liked it even more.

It was then with the bank to go from mortgage promise to full mortgage offer. I sorted out my solicitor and did everything I could from my side of things. I provided all the info, and crossed everything. Then we went off on our hols.

On my return, the mortgage offer was there, the valuation had been completed and all was good. As of today, my solicitors have sent out the contract pack and we are at local searches stages.

Excitingly, we have agreed a provisional completion date!! I have as a result of this given notice on the rental we are in now. Which we love, but its a rental and I want to own my own home again.

So excited now even though its going to be another 2 months over from now. We are looking at about 9-10 weeks. But that will go fast. Because time goes fast!! The important thing is that we will be in before Christmas - how exciting!! Everything is still crossed though. Not tempting fate now! :)

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