Monday, 1 September 2014

Day Six of My Week with REM - Bad Day

It is Day Six of My Week with REM, and today its Bad Day.

Bad Day was a new track which first appeared on their compilation album in 2003, In Time: Best of REM 1988 - 2003. It faired pretty well, reaching number 8 in the UK charts.

Bad Day is quite a fast tempo track, and it reminds me of the End of the World as we know it. Same sort of sound and pace, but different enough for me to choose it for my day six.

The lyrics are great, and you could apply this track to almost any circumstance when you've had a bad day.
Stipe sings "we're sick of being jerked around, we all fall down". "It's been a bad day, please don't take a picture".  You could stick this on, loud, and just vent.

The video is clever for this one. Its shot as a news reader style, reporting on the days news. s clips of disasters are reported on by reporters on the scene, Michael sings 'Its been a bad day". He does the dad pan delivery, as they do, as he sings. Its really clever and well worth a watch.

This is a great pop/rock song, well sung, and clever. Go take a listen, and let me know what you think.

My previous choices have been (click on them for more) : Stand , Everybody Hurts,  Losing My Religion ,
The Great Beyond and The One I Love . For more music, check out My Music page by clicking here. Happy listening :)

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